[A random video to lure you in with my fancy use of multimedia.]

Some movies I’ve seen since starting my job and don’t care enough about to actually review:

Adopted–Okay, so this movie was slightly above mediocre, but I inexplicably love Pauly Shore.  It’s a mocumentary.

The Blind Side–Yup, Sandra Bullock is a sassy, don’t-take-shit-from-nobody, down home lady in this one.  Yup, it’s also inspirational.  Yup, it’s good.

Date Night–It pains me to negatively critique anything Tina Fey does–Steve Carell, too, for that matter–but this was about as average as average gets.  Mark Wahlberg and Carell’s scenes together are really funny, though.  It’s definitely worth seeing once, but I much prefer Baby Mama.

Death at a Funeral (2010)–It’s funny.  The scene with Tracy Morgan and Danny Glover in the bathroom almost gave me an asthma attack I was laughing so hard.  James Marsden was great.  Chris Rock was weird to watch; it’s like I could see his attitude almost bubbling up to the surface, but he tried so hard to play it straight and somber.

Invictus–It’s like an inspirational sports movie, except there wasn’t enough sport in it; football, more specifically.  And by by football I mean soccer.  It was okay.

Just Wright–Fairly enjoyable.  If only Common and Queen Latifah could act like she weren’t a lesbian and that there were a snowball’s chance in hell that the two of them would ever have sex, that would be helpful.  Also, Paula Patton’s character is so one-dimensional I didn’t know if I should be watching her or graphing her.  (That was a math joke.)

Letters to Juliet–Actually, you saw this movie, too.  Yeah, you did.  It is the exact same as the trailer, except longer.  Nothing else happens.  Nothing.

Precious–It’s sad.  Like, crazy sad.  If you are going to watch it I hope you don’t have any other plans for the rest of the day, because unless those plans are moping around feeling confused about how you should react to having just seen the movie Precious, they aren’t happening.  I recommend watching it, though.

She’s Out of My League–This one surprised me.  I liked about 90% of it.  It was really funny and quite heartwarming in places.  The ending came a little too early (that’s what she said, also that happened in the movie), and it couldn’t have been more cliche (running through an airport?  Really?), but overall it was pretty good.

When In Rome–This was pretty cute.  It was a lot funnier than I thought it would be.  But if I see another movie where the main female character is an art curator, I’m going to steal a Van Gogh.

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