“Take it in the face”: From Ashy to Classy

He was on Chappelle’s Show; that’s why you recognize him.   He was the one that said, “I’m rich, biatch!”

I’ll be brief with this, since I have to be at work soon.  Donnell Rawlings was really funny on Chappelle’s Show, and he’s really funny here, too.  He’ll definitely jog your memory a little bit with the “rich” line and saying “son” at the end of everything when doing his ghetto impression, but thankfully he doesn’t rely on that too much for this special. 

His opening bit that he comes back to throughout the show kills me every time–and there’s no doubt in my mind that if Chappelle’s Show were still on, this would become a catchphrase nationwide because of it–is this new phrase he came up with:  “Take it in the face.”  (Or, to save time, TITF.)  It was a very strong start to this comedy special, but unfortunately, it didn’t stay that way.  After about twenty minutes the show started to drag, and his set about Michael Jackson went on way too long.  In his defense, though, it was a completely new take on the MJ jokes that have been going on for 20 years.

A couple of things I learned from this special:  he does a surprisingly good Springsteen impression, and he used to be a cop in the military while stationed in Korea.

My favorite line from the special:  when talking about women arguing with men, he says women will never forget about any past indiscretions or flaws.  We “hold onto it like a Draw 4 in Uno.”  We just wait until the timing is right to throw it down and mess up the whole game.

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