“I just spilled hot cocoa on my crotch”: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

I really think this movie should be called Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe.  It sounds cooler.  I guess “World” is fine.  It’s just rhetoric, but connotations are important.  It doesn’t change how awesome this movie is.

It’s time for more full disclosure here: I watched this movie while writing my Grown Ups review, eating lunch, getting ready for work, and I didn’t get to see the last30-ish minutes of this film.  Doesn’t matter.  This movie is awesome.  I will be saying that a lot.

I honestly went into Scott Pilgrim vs. the World thinking it was going to be too cool for me and sort of over my head, considering I am decidedly uncool.  I was wrong.  This movie is so cool, it makes nerds like me feel cool.  And the tag line, “An epic of epic epicness”?   Totally accurate.

Scott Pilgrim, played by Michael Cera–aka King of Awkward Teen Movies–is essentially the same character he always is, but with a lot more mind-blowingness due to the fact that the comic book it’s based on is totally rad. He has a “fake 17-year-old girlfriend” named Knives Chau who is essentially his groupie and has a hard time giving him up when he meets the girl of his (literal) dreams, Ramona Flowers.  As you’ve probably gathered, in order to date Ramona, Scott must defeat her seven evil exes (six ex-boyfriends, one ex-girlfriend).

I wasn’t sure this movie was going to be for me, since I’m not into comic books (they hurt my brain space) or campy humor.  Also, as I’ve already mentioned, I’m not that big on fighting-type movies.  Add all of that to the whole “I’m not cool enough” thing, and color me tickled to discover I was all kinds of into Scott Pilgrim.

While being tongue-in-cheek, the special effects based in comic book visuals add an interesting dimension and are really effective, but mostly they’re just super cool.  All of the characters are campy, but only to the perfect degree.  They’re more caricatures than characters, but never to the point that they break the fourth wall or “wink, wink, nudge, nudge” to be funny.  It was all done very well.

Cera was great (let’s just hope he breaks his typecasting sometime soon), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (who played Ramona) was just the right amount of nonchalant cool and rocker chick bad ass, Kieran Culkin blows my mind with his roles every time I see him, Jason Schwartzman and his nose never fail me, and I was glad to see Brandon Routh (aka Superman from Superman Returns) again.

So, in summation, this film is fucking awesome, super cool, and spectacularly epic.

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