“There’s no such thing as a lost cause”: Charlie St. Cloud

This is the movie Zac Efron had to get ripped abs for?  I mean, I ain’t mad at him, but why, exactly, did he need more muscles than before to play this role?  One of life’s many mysteries.

I was pleasantly surprised by Charlie St. Cloud.  I was afraid it would be just an okay movie that was fueled by little more than Zac Efron’s popularity, but I was wrong.  It was a nice story, very interesting, and it had some heart.  Of course, it didn’t hurt that Zac Efron is really pretty.  I would like to state for the record that I still feel a lot of cognitive dissonance about my attraction to him.

Charlie (Efron) just graduated from high school and will be on his way to Stanford on a sailing scholarship when a drunk driver T-bones his car, killing his younger brother and nearly killing him.  At his funeral, Charlie sees what amounts to his brother’s ghost at the cemetery and vows to keep his promise of helping him learn to throw a slider.  Fast forward five years.  Charlie has been meeting his brother every day at sunset to throw a baseball, never went to school, and now is the groundskeeper at the cemetery where he is buried.  One day, Charlie meets a girl he used to compete against in high school before she takes off for a six month long trip, and they fall in love.

I actually am a big fan of Efron’s, and this film only reinforces that.  He is a great actor and very funny.  His ability to capture comedic timing and physical comedy give much needed lightness to a story that seems monstrously depressing, and for that I thank him.  And not to creep anybody out too much, but if you put this young man in some Dickies and a white long sleeve shirt… damn!  You’ve got yourself a dreamy lead character.  Also, the scenery and locale is gorgeous, so the movie is just all around nice to look at.

As the title of my review implies, Charlie St. Cloud really had a positive message that resonated with me for some reason.  There is a love story, but I think it might be portrayed in a way and surrounded by so much other stuff that it is appealing to more people than most romances.  But I could be completely wrong about that.  All in all, I recommend seeing this one.

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