“Everything that’s important gets cleaned”: Eat Pray Love

It’s official.  Julia Roberts has the biggest mouth ever.  Not metaphorically speaking; I mean literally.  Her mouth is physically huge, and I think this movie is really just a showcase for that.

When she smiles, it’s huge and bright and wonderful.  When she’s sad, it’s the largest frown ever recorded.  Check Guinness.  It’s a fact.  And the first half hour of this movie is a lot of sad Julia Roberts.

*Spoiler Alert*  (As if a film as predictable as this could have anything to spoil.)

Eat Pray Love is the journey of Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) from being a married woman to a divorcee traveling the world searching for… herself, or something?  I’m not exactly sure.  I think at one point she says she’s looking for peace.  I’m sure it’s all deep and meaningful, but that was mostly lost on me.

Liz ends her marriage when she realizes she would rather travel than have children, and he tells her he doesn’t want to go on a trip they have planned.  She then falls immediately into a fling with “David, a yogi from Yonkers” (James Franco), which seems entirely unimportant to the whole film, and probably should have been cut out and would have saved a half hour of my time.

When they don’t work out, she decides to go to Rome for four months, then India for a little while, and end her trip in Bali.  Each place she goes, she makes a little family for herself with the people there.  It’s nice, or whatever.  Once in Bali, she almost gets killed by Felipe (Javier Bardem) when he runs her off the road.  They hit it off, and blah blah blah, they’re in love.  But she’s scared, so she breaks it off.  The medicine man basically tells her she’s stupid for ending it with him, so they get back together.  The end.

Sure, there are a couple of moving moments in between I didn’t touch on, but you already know what this movie is about.  It’s an emotional exploration of a rich white lady in foreign cultures.

For a film based on a book that people either are obsessed with or hate, I had no strong feelings either way for this movie.  It was pretty.  Sometimes it tugged on my heart strings.  Sometimes it made want to gag.  I can’t imagine reading the book, because I’m pretty sure Roberts is the only reason I liked the movie.  Without her, the entire thing would have just come across as narcissistic and whiny.  But it was gorgeous and I like Roberts, so it was an enjoyable flick.

Check it out.  Or don’t.  You already know how you’re going to feel about it.

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