Shut It Down: Knight and Day

Look at that poster.  That is one awesome movie poster.  Whew, isn’t it cool?

Sooooo, Knight and Day is not good.  Not at all.  Tom Cruise, in all his loco Scientologist glory, however, is really funny.  But that doesn’t make this movie worth watching.  In fact, it really made me want to go watch Tropic Thunder:  a great movie in which Tom Cruise is also hilarious.

Cruise plays a secret agent who goes rogue to protect the kid who invented the first ever perpetual energy source (aka a battery that never dies), and Diaz’s character gets all tangled up in his escape.  Why?   Because they like each other.  Duh.

It’s a boring movie and Diaz’s character is annoying.  I watched all but the last half hour of it while cleaning and doing laundry, and then I realized I couldn’t care less what happened at the end, so I stopped.  I wish I would have stopped sooner.

One thought on “Shut It Down: Knight and Day

  1. Ugh. Tom Cruise. I’m convinced the only reason why I liked him in Tropic Thunder is because he played a giant ass. Not so unlike himself.

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