“Give him the kick”: Inception

I’m sure “real” movie critics have a lot of arguments against the supposed greatness of this film.  They always do.  They can suck my balls.  This movie was awesome.

All I knew going into it was that everyone seemed completely mindfucked by the film, and “It’s about dreams.”  Well, that’s helpful.  If you are still confused about what the hell Inception is actually about, never fear.  I shall do my best to explain.  And don’t worry; this isn’t some shitty Vanilla Sky type of dream movie, either.

First of all,  Merriam Webster defines inception as:

noun \in-ˈsep-shən\

“an act, process, or instance of beginning : commencement.”

In the film, the word “inception” refers to planting an idea in someone else’s head, making them (consciously AND subconsciously) think it was their own original idea.

In the world of this film, one can induce lucid dreams in which other people can participate.  Basically, Leo DiCaprio et al hook themselves up to IV things that give them drugs to put them to sleep.  Once under, they all enter the same dream world, which has been created by an “architect.”  They still have control over themselves in the dream.

The film is actually about an energy mogul who wants Cobb (DiCaprio) to implant in his competitor’s mind the idea of leaving the energy business.   (It’s been a week since I saw the movie, and it took me pretty much this whole time to figure out how to communicate that with a little help from IMDb.)  It’s also about Cobb’s back story, which includes a lady, a spinning top, and a lot of crazy dreaming.

Although I’ve tried to break it down to its simplest level here, Inception is really interesting and quite complicated.  It’s not so complicated you can’t follow it, though.  As I was warned, “They tell you what’s going on the entire movie!”  It’s not a twists-and-turns, I never saw that coming, plot twist at the end, kind of film.  It just… has a lot of levels.

2 thoughts on ““Give him the kick”: Inception

  1. Did you see this in theaters? If not, you should rent out a movie theater and watch it there because the visuals can be as much of a mindfuck as the story. I think the best thing about the movie is the way Christopher Nolan made it seem complicated without actually being complicated. A lot of the “mysteries” only last a few scenes before you get enough information to piece together some answers, and then Nolan just leaves everyone angry with a simple shot that raises a question whose answer is obvious to no one but Nolan. I had some good arguments about the end of this movie, so I gave it a thumbs up.

    On a side note, do you only watch movies when they get released to DVD? way to be about 3 months behind everyone else in the world.

    1. peter! i don’t want to hear any sass from you. i work at a movie rental store, not a movie theater. i’m not spending $8 to see a movie, when i get them for free before they come out on dvd. (and actually, i could be just barely ahead of everyone else in the world if i were motivated enough to post my reviews BEFORE the movie comes out, which is when i watch them.)

      to answer your 1st question, no i saw it on dvd, but i bet it was awesome in theatres. i think i have an answer for the ending, but i know it’s just my own guess. i don’t really need an answer unlike a lot of the people who complain about the movie).

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