I’m looking for a movie… Part 2

Due to the major crash of my laptop & epic slowness of this desktop, I have not been able to tolerate being on the computer long enough to write a review, so this quickie is going to have to do.

Again, this is where I repeat to you what a customer asked me, and you have to figure out which movie they were looking for.  It’s an overall good time. 

It’s sort of new-ish.  It’s about supernatural stuff like vampires, maybe.  It’s called Gabriel or Guardian or something like that. 

I will post the answer in 2 days!  Matt, are you going to take the prize once again?

The wonderful Ryan Louis is our winner this time.  The answer is Legion.  (Although, after the customer suggested the name Guardian, he had convinced himself he was definitely NOT looking for something called Legion.)  Thanks again to everyone who played.

3 thoughts on “I’m looking for a movie… Part 2

  1. Did they mean Angels?! “Legion” is newish! Then there’s that Owl movie…Guardians something or other. Talking owls are pretty supernatural…though not blood-sucking.

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