A Gift Wrapped Christmas (2015) Lifetime

Like the inevitable character in a third of Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, I fear I have lost “The Christmas Spirit.”  In hopes of finding it, I will be watching a ridiculous number of Christmas movies on TV.  Here is my story…


A Gift Wrapped Christmas (2015)  Lifetime



-A main actress who is KILLING it

-A love interest who is one of the schlubbiest dudes I’ve ever seen.  He’s not fat or ugly or gross, just the perfect example of frumpy mediocrity.  Oh, and he’s also a v bad actor.  GTFOH with him.

-An upscale tailor shop that also sells light-up ugly Christmas sweaters, then a father so terrible he makes fun of it right in front of his kid, who is the one who picked it out!

-Here’s the problem with “Scrooge/Grinch” stories:  these writers take it too far.  This dude is a complete ass hole, is mean to children, is vaguely sexist, has a girlfriend who is an evil queen caricature, is an inconsiderate boss.  And then the only thing that changes him is that a woman likes him?  Why would anyone like him?  Why am I supposed to?  He’s a dick, & I hope he chokes on one.

-A party game called “Name that Carol” where they play the song and you have to name it–as if there are more than 7 Christmas carols—which then turns into 2 people lovingly singing Silent Night to each other at a work party.


This one was both ends of the spectrum.  The main character needs her own TV show—I would watch the fuck out of that—but I (obviously) hated the dude.  It was a real back and forth.




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