My Christmas Dream (2016) Hallmark Channel

Like the inevitable character in a third of Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, I fear I have lost “The Christmas Spirit.”  In hopes of finding it, I will be watching a ridiculous number of Christmas movies on TV.  Here is my story…



My Christmas Dream (2016) Hallmark Channel



-The classic movie intro of a radio DJ giving the weather report (“Good morning from the North Pole, or at least it looks like it.”) and then playing a generic version of a “modern” Christmas carol.

-A store manager who has to create the most amazing window display EVER to get a promotion.  Those are not the same job, & she is not good at it at all.  If this dude has to “help” her with it (read: do literally everything, including coming up with the idea), then this better end with him getting the job.

-That dude whose supposed to get her a promotion, his “super great” decorations for his own house are… ::drumroll please:: just regular lights.  Ya know, like, along the gutters & around the window.

-The most HILARIOUS scene of this dude “sketching” his display out, & because this actor has no fucking clue how to draw like “an artist,” he just squiggles over an already drawn snowman stick figure.

-Woman:  “You’re my boss, & you’re also my friend… and I’ve been doing all your work in addition to my own.”

Main character:  “I’m so sorry.  Now let’s go, we’ve got work to do!”

This is becoming a trend.  Girl doesn’t deserve this promotion.



This one had a few surprises and was a little more original than most.  However, it was also pretty boring in the middle & very frustrating.



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