‘Tis the Season for Love (2015) Hallmark Channel

Like the inevitable character in a third of Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, I fear I have lost “The Christmas Spirit.”  In hopes of finding it, I will be watching a ridiculous number of Christmas movies on TV.  Here is my story…

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‘Tis the Season for Love (2015)  Hallmark Channel



-Two actresses who have no energy or commitment to their roles RIGHT OUT OF THE MOTHER FUCKING GATE.

-…And they’re supposed to be actresses.  Y’all can’t even act like you’re in THIS movie, you CERTAINLY can’t act like you’re stage performers.

-I’m 90 seconds in, and if they mention David Mamet one more time, I swear to god…

-A scene where she is supposed to be talking to her limo driver, except he doesn’t actually talk.  They couldn’t pay this guy for one fucking line?!  This isn’t a Bob Newhart bit.

-A mother who is WAY too excited for her 30-something daughter to go see Santa.  Actually, a mother who is WAY too everything.

-A lot of adults who can’t get over their high school extra-curricular accolades.  Great, great, great.

-14 minutes in, and they mentioned Mamet 3 more times.  I’m officially out.

-“News travels like tumbleweeds.”  That is absolutely not a saying, and even if it were, it would make no sense whatsoever.



I did fast forward through the next hour & 45 minutes, stopping sporadically to get the gist.  They said Mamet two more times in just those moments alone.  Unacceptable.




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