The Perfect Christmas Present (2017) Hallmark

Like the inevitable character in a third of Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, I fear I have lost “The Christmas Spirit.”  In hopes of finding it, I will be watching a ridiculous number of Christmas movies on TV.  Here is my story…



The Perfect Christmas Present (2017) Hallmark



-The guy who played Joan Holloway’s husband in Mad Men, which means I will always be wary of him…

-A bunch of shots that were actually filmed in Chicago, so you know I’m a fan.

-Another main character who is a man.  That makes two!  These are a little better, because the men get more fully-formed personalities than the women.

-All righty, this quickly became a movie about a guy stalking a woman, and I’m out!



I made it almost 15 minutes.  It seemed promising.  Continue at your own risk.




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