“You like me, huh?”: The Misfits

I questioned whether or not I should do a post about this film.  It had such an effect on my psyche and mood, I didn't know if I wanted to revisit it.  Then I realized that's why The Misfits is so amazing.  Sometimes I need to challenge myself, because that is merely a dare to … Continue reading “You like me, huh?”: The Misfits


Blast from the past: In America

This was the first film I ever watched in a college level film class.  We watched it twice, actually.  It was the first and last film we watched in that class.  I've seen it at least once since then.  Great, great film. Much like Witness, I had to watch the first fifteen minutes on mute.  … Continue reading Blast from the past: In America

Blast From the Past: The Muppets Take Manhattan

That means it's time for me to pull another one out of the vault. (I wonder how many more of these I have to pull from...) This one I'm pretty stoked about. It is another favorite of mine, and not enough people have seen this classic Muppets flick. It is amazing, so you really should watch it. Also, it's where the TV show The Muppet Babies originated from, and it's the movie where Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy get married. (Did you know they are married? They are. It happens in this movie.)

A blast from the past: The Sandlot

This was a paper from Intro to Mass Comm my freshman year of college.  I haven't changed a single thing about it, including the multiple grammatical mistakes I desperately want to fix.  The assignment was to summarize a movie. Also, I would like to point out a couple of things I evidently didn't know how … Continue reading A blast from the past: The Sandlot