“Give him the kick”: Inception

I'm sure "real" movie critics have a lot of arguments against the supposed greatness of this film.  They always do.  They can suck my balls.  This movie was awesome. All I knew going into it was that everyone seemed completely mindfucked by the film, and "It's about dreams."  Well, that's helpful.  If you are still … Continue reading “Give him the kick”: Inception


Shut It Down: Knight and Day

Look at that poster.  That is one awesome movie poster.  Whew, isn't it cool? Sooooo, Knight and Day is not good.  Not at all.  Tom Cruise, in all his loco Scientologist glory, however, is really funny.  But that doesn't make this movie worth watching.  In fact, it really made me want to go watch Tropic … Continue reading Shut It Down: Knight and Day

“This isn’t a mustache; it’s a time machine”: Going the Distance

For the select few out there who care, I'm sorry I've been terribly unmotivated and have failed to write any reviews in more than a week.  Sometimes lazy wins.  Especially in winter, as I'm learning. But about this movie. Three minutes into Going the Distance, my cheeks were already sore from laughing so much.   … Continue reading “This isn’t a mustache; it’s a time machine”: Going the Distance

“I’m the black MacGyver, BlaGyver”: The Losers

Five super studly hot guys and Zoe Saldana being awesome. Thank you, Christina, for convincing me to watch this. This was yet another film that I accidentally fell asleep during, but in my own defense, it was Thanksgiving and I was in a turkey coma.  I only slept through like 20 minutes of it, though, … Continue reading “I’m the black MacGyver, BlaGyver”: The Losers


[A random video to lure you in with my fancy use of multimedia.] Some movies I've seen since starting my job and don't care enough about to actually review: Adopted--Okay, so this movie was slightly above mediocre, but I inexplicably love Pauly Shore.  It's a mocumentary. The Blind Side--Yup, Sandra Bullock is a sassy, don't-take-shit-from-nobody, … Continue reading Quickies