“How would you feel about me taking pictures of your feet?”: Morning Glory

Mediocre romcoms. I’ve been watching a lot of those lately.  That’s almost all they make, really.  I like to think that because I love great romantic comedies so much, I’ve come to be a connoisseur.  I must wade through all the muck and mediocrity to find the truly inspiring ones. Morning Glory with Rachel McAdams. … Continue reading “How would you feel about me taking pictures of your feet?”: Morning Glory


“I’m washing my hands, man”: Witness

My final assignment to the film Witness.  In an earlier post I expressed the idea that I may want to watch the film again to give it another shot.  After re-reading this, I now remember exactly why I didn't like it, and why I won't be watching it again.  To add to what you're about … Continue reading “I’m washing my hands, man”: Witness

“Don’t know much…”: Witness

Assignment number two about the movie Witness. This time I had to draw parallels between another movie we had watched in class.  That's really neither here nor there. This paper focuses mainly on Peter Weir, the director, and his vision when making it. This video is the super sexy scene where Harrison Ford and Kelly … Continue reading “Don’t know much…”: Witness

Blast From the Past: Witness

So, as a result of the best month of the year concluding in multiple celebratory occasions, I did little movie watching, and even less review writing in the past week.  I did see SATC2, which will be coming soon, and Toy Story 3, but that one is going to have to wait.  I need to … Continue reading Blast From the Past: Witness